Vandergriff Inc Gin Equipment


Gin Rib

Industry's only CNC machined rib from a steel forging.


We provide replacement wearplates for all models of our ribs.


Increase capacity and turnout.

Jet Dryer

High turbulence and cost efficient.


Game Changer Conversions

Tested to perfection:
Game Changer conversions

We can convert your Continental 161 Saw Gin Stand to a 181 saw gin stand, and increase your capacity to the 22-23 bales per hour depending on conditions. The narrower saw spacings also prevent little seed from escaping and enhance removing of the lint from the seed.

Gin Rib

cotton gin ribs
Superior Performance:
Reliable, strong, advanced

We offer the industry's only rib CNC machined from 1018 closed die US Steel. It is strong, accurate, and without peer.

Jet Dryer

cotton gin jet dryer
High Efficiency:
Lower Power Requirements

Our Jet Dryer is making serious in-roads into cotton gins all around the globe. Cost effective and due to its high turbulent action it dries cotton like no other on the market.

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Spring / Summer 2018

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Loyd Vandergriff
Since 1994, the daily operations of the company have been run by Loyd Vandergriff. Vandergriff Inc's current product line is the Vandergriff Gin Rib that is now available for all models of gin stands including Consolidated. The Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Conversion is available for those that want to increase capacity in a very cost-effective way. Our Jet Dryer is making huge inroads into plants that need good high turbulent cost-effective drying.