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Gin Rib

Our ribs perform at high capacities, and you can keep the gin stand in and gin.


We provide replacement wearplates for all models of our ribs.

Jet Dryer

We will engineer our dryers into your existing plant.


The Spider

Cotton Gin Equipment Spider
Tested to perfection:
Dual tube units perform flawlessly

Three of these Spider IV dual tube units were tested in 2011 by Vandergriff/American. These units flawlessly processed a combined total of approximately 80,000 bales. The dual tube design consistently handled busted modules and over-sized mushy modules..

Gin Rib

cotton gin ribs
Superior Performance:
Reliable, strong, advanced

Our ribs perform at high capacities, and you can keep the gin stand in and gin. Our competition is offering a rib with a wearplate on it, but they have great difficulty securing the plate and have made no changes to the ribs design. They have simply installed a wearplate on the casting.

Jet Dryer

cotton gin jet dryer
High Efficiency:
Lower Power Requirements

The power requirements of most drying systems on the market today are really off the chart and unnecessary. Most systems use way too much CFM and because of this, heaters that are way too big in terms of BTU's have to be installed.

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Loyd Vandergriff
The daily operations of the company are run by Loyd Vandergriff, son of the company founder the legendary A.L. Vandergriff. Vandergriff Inc's current product line is the Vandergriff Gin Rib for Lummus and Continental gin stands, and the Jet Dyer. This year, Vandergriff entered into a business arrangement with Brad Glenn, and Sowega Manufacturing out of Climax, Georgia. They make and sell the Vandergriff Jet Dryer with John Freeman as chief Engineer. This dryer has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective dryer on the market today. Sowega Manufacturing also designs and sells the "Spider"; also the most cost efficient way to get those round modules into your gin. See "Contacts" for more information and contact numbers.