Products: Cotton Jet Dryer

At this point, the cotton fans out in a 360 degree arc and begins its travel downward. On its way down, it encounters the up going high velocity stream of air which causes it to spin, and bounce back and forth between the sides of the dryer and the high velocity of the stream in the middle of the drier. This is where the magic takes place. This process is what we like to call "extended slippage." This process just keeps repeating itself. No dryer can duplicate this action in the natural manner for an extended period of time. This "extended slippage" is the key to the drying efficiency of the Jet Dryer. Fibers are pulled apart, trash falls out and hot air flows through the cotton. This is an ideal condition for moisture transfer and reduction. The dynamic going on in the Jet Dryer not only reduces moisture content, but also preps the cotton as it prepares to enter the cylinder cleaners. This makes the operation of the cleaners much more efficient in terms of removing trash and fine particles. Just as important as the operational efficiency of this dryer is the cost to operate it. There is very little static drop through the system allowing for the use of much lower horsepower to move the air through it. The power requirements of most drying systems on the market today are really off the chart and unnecessary. Most systems use way too much CFM and because of this, heaters that are way too big in terms of BTU's have to be installed. If you have a pull-through system, you are probably leaking as much air through your cleaners as we will use to operate our system. Are you happy with your power bills and the drying you are supposed to be getting? Are you really getting bang for you buck? We can and will save you money and still dry your cotton. The Jet Dryer can efficiently dry high volumes of cotton with no more than an 8 million BTU heater and no higher the 14,000 CFM of air for each stage of drying. In most cases, a 6 million BTU heater and 12,000 CFM will be sufficient. The dryer outlet is flexible and can be designed to accommodate either single stream, or dual overhead arrangements. We will engineer our dryers into your existing plant and will make sure your fans, motors, heaters are what you need and we will get your CFM adjusted properly. We will make sure the cotton is being distributed evenly across your inclines to allow them to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

The Jet Dryer is now making significant inroads into gin operations domestically as well as internationally that are serious about energy savings, and optimum cotton conditioning.

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