Products: Gin Ribs

We are now giving the customer the option to purchase The Vandergriff Rib with our new Ultra, premium model wearplate. Visit wearplates for more info.

The Vandergriff Rib was designed by Mr. A. L. Vandergriff. It is precision-machined by Mr. Chris Nachtmann of CNC Performance Engineering located in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Chris and his family have been manufacturing this rib for Vandergriff Inc. for 14 years.  

Mr. Vandergriff had extensive experience with gin rib design while doing research for the improvement of cotton gin stands, primarily in the area of increasing the capacity. He always found them to be a bottleneck.  Over the years, as he increased the capacity of the gin stand the limitations of the gin rib became more and more apparent.  Most gin ribs were and are made from “castings.” 

Vandergriff Ribs For Continental Gin Stands
Vandergriff 141 Gin Rib

The traditional Continental 141 gin rib is plagued with performance problems. They are produced using a rough casting process overseas. They are not accurately made, and require extensive shimming during installation. Tagging and rib fires are nagging performance problems, not to mention breakage under heavy stress. The Vandergriff Rib's relief section is clearly superior. This allows the cotton fibers to flow through smoothly and not wad up in the rib gap. Little seed do not escape through the rib gap only to get ground up into fine particles in the lint cleaners, or just pop out like popcorn behind the gin stand. There are no rib fires. Our ribs perform at high capacities, and you can keep the gin stand in and gin. Our competition is offering a rib with a wearplate on it, but they have great difficulty securing the plate and have made no changes to the ribs design. They have simply installed a wearplate on the casting.

Vandergriff 161 Gin Rib

The Continental 161 rib is plagued with the same problems as their 141 model. Due to narrower saw spacings, this rib is slimmer which gives it less strength. It does not hold up well when the ginner wants to crank up the capacity and really gin some cotton. The Vandergriff Rib has all the advantages of the 141 model, and one of the most important is strength. It will not lose the little varieties of seed. Leave your stand in and gin some cotton. Buy this rib and spend your money on other aspects of your operation later. You are pretty much done with rib expense.

Vandergriff Ribs for Lummus Gin Stands
Vandergriff 158 Gin Rib

This rib was introduced to the cotton ginning industry by Mr. Vandergriff in 1994. It is also made from a 1018 steel from which a forging is created and then accurately machined on CNC equipment. It is not an inferior casting that has minimal machining on it to smooth out the rough edges, and to cut out the area for wearplate installation. It has been the dominant rib for Lummus stands in terms of performance for 13 years, and only recently have our competitors made an effort to duplicate it. The production process used to manufacture the Vandergriff Gin Rib can not be duplicated easily and it remains the Cadillac of ribs in terms of strength and performance. The extreme accuracy of the precision machining allows the ribs to fit tightly and consistently together across the roll box. There is no room for little seed to escape. When ginning next to the traditional 158 gin ribs, our customers consistently say, "there is no comparison." When purchasing the Vandergriff rib for the 158 gin stand, you can also order back-up strips that are accurately drilled and tapped. These strips are one piece for the top and one for the bottom rib rails, not a series of pieces (usually 4). When installing multiple strips, accuracy from rib to rib becomes an issue and accuracy is what it is all about when it comes to preventing the loss of little seed and optimum performance of the ribs. Our back-up strips allow you to install the ribs easy and accurately.

 Vandergriff 170 Gin Rib

Due to the narrower saw spacings of this gin stand, 170 ribs are put into the 158 frame and this requires a gin rib that is narrower in design. With this narrower rib, you will need increased strength to withstand the pressure that increased horsepower on the roll box will provide. It is not uncommon to have 150 HP motors (or more) powering the roll and to gin at maximum capacity at all times, you need a stout and accurate rib. You will not get it from a cast produced rib. You will get it from the Vandergriff Gin Rib. You need accuracy and precision. You get it all with our rib. Little seed do not get through our rib gaps and our rib just hunkers down and performs. Just put your gin breast in and crank it up. Worry about other bottlenecks in your ginning operation.