Game Changer
Game Changer 181 running in Abbeville, Alabama; cruising at 21 Bales Per Hour. We will change out your rib rail and put a new one in. We will provide new space blocks and end plates, and include Game Changer ribs. For more specific information on Game Changer conversions click the MORE link and scroll through our blog.


Jet Dryer
At this point, the cotton fans out in a 360 degree arc and begins its travel downward. On its way down, it encounters the up going high velocity stream of air which causes it to spin, and bounce back and forth between the sides of the dryer and the high velocity of the stream in the middle of the drier. This is where the magic takes place. This process is what we like to call "extended slippage." This process just keeps repeating itself. No dryer can duplicate this action in the natural manner for an extended period of time.

Three of these Spider IV dual tube units were tested in 2011 by Vandergriff/American. These units flawlessly processed a combined total of approximately 80,000 bales. The dual tube design consistently handled busted modules and over-sized mushy modules. Because Spiders are designed on a modular system, any Spider can be easily upgraded with all the features of the new Spider IV.